How to use the Online Store

How to use the Online Store

Click on the “Online Store” link to open the SHOP section of the website.



From here you can either

Search for a product if you know the name or use an abbreviation; for example “jell” will produce “Jelly” products.


Browse the Product Categories by clicking on the category name  you are interested in


Select products to purchase; once you find the product you wish to purchase click on the “Add to basket” link and a summary will appear on the left side showing the product you have just added.


Once you are finished adding products you can either remove by clicking on the X (upper left) of each product or click on the “View basket” link to open the basket. Once satisfied with the selected products click on the “Checkout” link and this will open the CHECKOUT section of the website.



Returning customer? If you are a returning customer and already have an account, click on the “Click here to login” link (requires your username and password)

Have a coupon? Enter the code supplied.

Proceed on with the process to “Billing Details”

 Billing Details

Note that at this stage only the default Shipping calculations for SAPO Domestic Parcel Service:  will be displayed.



Insert the required details, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone, Address. Please note that inputting the correct Street number and name is important if you wish to use the Courier Option.


Now move onto the Area / Suburb * section and please note the following to ensure the correct cost calculations are effected:

Click into the Area/Suburb box and a drop-down box appears into which you type the first few letters of your suburb; eg: Kloo for Kloof, West for Westville.



A “Searching” icon will appear and the results of the search matching your input will appear



Select the correct suburb (note you may have to scroll down to find the correct one).

*Please note that depending on your internet connection quality and speed this process may take a little while so please wait until the drop-down with suburb options appears before clicking again.


At this stage the additional courier options will appear under the “Shipping Section”



Town / City *: Input your Town/City details

Province *: Select your Province in the dropdown box

Postcode *: Input your Postcode

Create an account? : (You can click on the “Create an account” box to use the above details)

Ship to a different address?:  – this option is usually ignored as the shipping address is generally the same as the billing address but if preferred this will allow input again.

Order Notes: Input any specific requests or information in the “Order Notes” box if required.

Your order: Review your order details


Select your preferred payment option and click on the “PLACE ORDER” bar.

You are done, a summary will be presented – we will receive, pack and dispatch your order as soon as possible. Please take note of the details in case of a query.