Ice Lollies & Toy Drinks

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Food Ingredients – Ice Lollies & Toy Drinks

So easy to use! Each Batch Pack contains all the ingredients you need (except for some sugar and water) and includes the flavour, acids, preservatives, colours, thickeners and stabilisers. You can also add liquid flavours from the Dash Of Flavour range to get your own unique flavour, for example, blend the Orange Batch Pack with Peach/Apricot Flavour and make Peach & Orange.

Mixing Instructions:
Each kg of Batch Pack makes 200 litres of final beverage or lolly. Therefore 5g (a teaspoon) makes 1 litre, to which you add sugar (generally 40-50g/litre) and water.

To make a 200 litre batch, you would fill your mixing container with roughly 150 litres of clean, uncontaminated water, and add:
– Batch Pack: 1kg
– Sugar: 40-50g/litre (suggested 40g/litre for beverage and 50g/litre for ice lolly)
Mix until all is dissolved and fill to the 200 litre level. Sweeten to taste, if required.

Key Food Ingredients by the kg for the small business.

Additional information

Weight 1.050 kg

Apple Batch Pack – 1Kg, Banana Batch Pack – 1Kg, Blueberry Batch Pack – 1Kg, Blue Bubblegum Batch Pack – 1Kg, Cherry Batch Pack – 1Kg, Cream Soda Batch Pack – 1Kg, Granadilla Batch Pack – 1Kg, Guava Batch Pack – 1Kg, Mango Batch Pack – 1Kg, Orange Batch Pack – 1Kg, Pineapple Batch Pack – 1Kg, Purple Grape Batch Pack – 1Kg, Raspberry Batch Pack – 1Kg, Strawberry Batch Pack – 1Kg, Tropical Batch Pack – 1Kg