Dash of Flavour Gift box

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The gift you want to give ;  The DASH OF FLAVOUR Gift box.

Completely original and unusual the Gift Boxes are ideal for friends and family who are into baking and cooking and will make that perfect gift you were looking for.

We have included six flavours from the range and attractively packaged them for that “wow factor” when unwrapped as a gift but if you prefer a specific selection, please include your preferences in the ” Order notes” section of the checkout page.

Our range consists of:

ALMOND – Traditional almond essence type, ideal for Marzipan note
ANISEED – Sweet and aromatic liquorice note, fennel booster
APPLE PIE – Baked apples with notes of cinnamon, cream and crust
BANANA – Fresh banana, “banana bread” type
BLACK OLIVE – Delicious!
BLUEBERRY – Lovely blueberry flavour, true to the fruit, blueberry muffins
BUBBLEGUM – To remind you of your childhood
BUTTER CREAM – Superb flavour for all baking — buttery, creamy
CAPPUCCINO – Traditional coffee with creamy vanilla
CARAMEL – Rich, tinned caramel, Dulce de Leche
CHERRY – Fruity black cherry
CHOCOLATE – Rich chocolate notes to boost cocoa powder recipes
COCONUT – Creamy coconut for baking, sauces, curries
CONDENSED MILK – Strong condensed milk, adds richness to many dishes
ENGLISH TOFFEE – Toffee with caramel notes
FRIED RED ONION – Sweet and spicy, pairs well with most savoury dishes
GINGER – Zingy ginger booster
GORGONZOLA – Fabulous in sauces, pastas, pizzas…strong cheesy flavour
GUAVA – True to the pink guava, highly aromatic
HAZELNUT – Traditional European hazelnut
LEMON CREAM – Zesty lemon notes with creamy background. Oil soluble
LEMON – Light, fresh lemon, water soluble
MANGO – Deliciously ripe, African mango, “just peeled”
MUSHROOM – Earthy umami note, great for soups, sauces and meats
ORANGE OIL – Robust sweet orange oil, with orange zest notes
ORANGE – Juicy orange, water soluble
PARMESAN – Wonderful “Italian” to tingle the tastebuds
PASSION FRUIT – Fruity, ripe, sharp granadilla
PEPPERMINT OIL – Strong peppermint note
PINEAPPLE – Juicy, ripe pineapple, true to the fruit
RASPBERRY – Fresh, ripe raspberries
ROSE – Clean traditional flavour
SMOKE – Bring the campfire into your cooking
STRAWBERRY – Ripe strawberries, strawberry jam notes
VANILLA – Traditional vanilla, but much better!
VANILLA CUSTARD – Creamy vanilla custard, a traditional South African favourite


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