For our valued customers a Festive offer from Delite Foods, the DASH OF FLAVOUR Gift box.

With Christmas just around the corner, thoughts turn to innovative presents that are not going to cost a fortune.

So, what about these DASH OF FLAVOUR gift boxes as just that?

Completely original and unusual they are ideal for friends and family who are into baking and cooking and will make that perfect gift you were looking for.

We have included six flavours from the range and attractively packaged them for that “wow factor” when unwrapped as a gift but if you prefer a specific selection, please include your preferences in the ” Order notes” section of the checkout page.

Our range consists of:

ALMOND – Traditional almond essence type, ideal for Marzipan note
ANISEED – Sweet and aromatic liquorice note, fennel booster
APPLE PIE – Baked apples with notes of cinnamon, cream and crust
BANANA – Fresh banana, “banana bread” type
BLACK OLIVE – Delicious!
BLUEBERRY – Lovely blueberry flavour, true to the fruit, blueberry muffins
BUTTER CREAM – Superb flavour for all baking — buttery, creamy
CAPPUCCINO – Traditional coffee with creamy vanilla
CARAMEL – Rich, tinned caramel, Dulce de Leche
CHERRY – Fruity black cherry
CHOCOLATE – Rich chocolate notes to boost cocoa powder recipes
COCONUT – Creamy coconut for baking, sauces, curries
CONDENSED MILK – Strong condensed milk, adds richness to many dishes
ENGLISH TOFFEE – Toffee with caramel notes
FRIED RED ONION – Sweet and spicy, pairs well with most savoury dishes
GINGER – Zingy ginger booster
GUAVA – True to the pink guava, highly aromatic
HAZELNUT – Traditional European hazelnut
LEMON CREAM – Zesty lemon notes with creamy background. Oil soluble
LEMON – Light, fresh lemon, water soluble
MANGO – Deliciously ripe, African mango, “just peeled”
MUSHROOM – Earthy umami note, great for soups, sauces and meats
ORANGE OIL – Robust sweet orange oil, with orange zest notes
ORANGE – Juicy orange, water soluble
PASSION FRUIT – Fruity, ripe, sharp granadilla
PEPPERMINT OIL – Strong peppermint note
PINEAPPLE – Juicy, ripe pineapple, true to the fruit
RASPBERRY – Fresh, ripe raspberries
STRAWBERRY – Ripe strawberries, strawberry jam notes
VANILLA – Traditional vanilla, but much better!
VANILLA CUSTARD – Creamy vanilla custard, a traditional South African favourite

BONUS…. also included in this offer is our Christmas present to you. When you purchase a gift box or more you will get a 10% discount off the price of the box. Simply input the code dashofbox into the  “Have a coupon?” box and click on “Apply coupon”.

Delite Foods Newsletter


Greetings to all,

It has been a while since the last newsletter went out, mainly due to much energy going into our website  and beavering away to offer you even more dessert mousses and jellies in the near future with some unusual and delicious flavours for the more adventurous palate!

We have also added to our Flavoured Syrups a Cappuccino….great for smoothies and milkshakes.

Which brings me to mind of the searing heat and high temperatures we have all been experiencing in the last few months and to mention how refreshing an iced tea can be.   Why not try this easy recipe:

Make a litre of Rooibos tea.   Cool down and then add one of our 3 flavoured drinks to it, be it the Citrus Cooler, Wild Berry or Tropical (all of which are found on the site).  Mix and pop in the fridge to get really cold.  For a finishing touch add slices of lemon/lime or berries etc.  So Good!


We have also added a courier option to the site for those of you who are mistrustful of the Post Office or just like door to door delivery.


Delite Foods now offers customers a loyalty program powered by Lyoness, giving customers 2% cash back on their online orders placed via the Lyoness website.  Lyoness is an international company, and members can earn cash back at affiliated businesses in 46 countries, both in physical stores and online shops.  If you are an existing Lyoness member, search for Delite Foods on the Lyoness website.  If you are not yet a member, please call or email us and we will send you a registration link. Lyoness membership is absolutely free. We look forward to hearing from you.


Lastly, we were certainly most impressed with our Finance Minister’s statement of introducing a sugar tax!             Long may he reign!!!!

With high hopes and optimistic thoughts


Celebrate Ramadan with Sugar Free Falooda; Courtesy of Delite Foods.


Yesterday, 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide entered into the period of Ramadan and have thus vowed to fast daily, from dawn to dusk, until the 17th of July.

This sacred month of fasting stands to commemorate the release of the Quran, the Islamic Holy Book, to the revered Prophet Mohammed and each evening as the sun sets, Muslim families break their daily fast with a supper known as Iftar. Water precedes the occasion and usually, something sweet…

For many, the favoured sweet delicacy is a dessert known as Falooda, which usually consists of rose flavoured syrup, wheat vermicelli, sabja (basil) seeds, sweetened milk and ice cream; with a fine garnish of pistachios and rose petals.  Some compare Falooda to a milkshake. However, due to its creaminess, 80% of the dish must be eaten with a spoon and the remainder sipped from the glass.

A simple way to make Falooda this Ramadan would be to combine Delite Foods’ Tantalize sugar free rose flavoured syrup with one litre of full-cream milk and a teaspoon of agar agar, bring all of the ingredients to the boil and refrigerate the mixture before serving.

Delite Foods’ sugar free rose flavoured syrup is an affordable, delicious, Halaal and diabetic friendly alternative and is preferred by many South African Falooda recipes today!

Try it this June – you won’t be disappointed.

[Popular food blogger, Kanan also provides an alternative yet in-depth ‘How to Make Falooda at Home’ recipe on her popular, authentic Indian food blog: Spice up the Curry, which is compatible with Delite’s rose flavoured syrup.]

“Ramadan Kareem!”